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Doubt - Logan Piercey

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The Wayfarer Project

Wayfarer is a collection of acoustic songs that tell the story of a man through the ups and downs of life. Though not yet recorded for iTunes, I thought I'd share a sampling of what I've been working on for those of you who have been asking. Let me know what you think! –LP

Wayfarer Project Story Notes
A young man, tired of his life in a small town, decides to leave home in pursuit of finding individuality and achieving his dreams (“On the Road”). Early on in his journey, he meets up with a golden-haired girl with whom he begins to travel (“City on a Hill”). They settle down in a city that rests on the ocean, which the young man believes will be a place for them to prosper and fix the growing gap he feels is present between them. It doesn’t work though, as the girl leaves him soon after to continue a life on the road. Though alone, the man finds solace in the city life and begins playing music at local bars, unconcerned about money and his growing alcohol problem (“Atlantic Avenue”). During these years, he begins to remember his childhood more fondly than he used to, but eventually his happiness drains and his lack of material possessions begin to change him. He marries a girl from a rich family with only the intent of living off her family’s wealth (“Doing Fine”). His new financial stability doesn’t make him any happier however, and his alcoholism grows worse, to the point where his wife leaves him (“Stand Still”).
Now alone, the man decides to return to his hometown in hopes of rekindling an old relationship he had as a youth. As he passes through his old neighborhood, regret sinks in as he realizes that leaving behind all the people he cared about as a young man led him to where he is now. He finds the house of his old girlfriend and discovers she has married and moved on with her life, unlike him (“Many Long Years”).
The man contemplates suicide, but before he can finish his suicide note, he decides to walk through his hometown one more time. He thinks about what kind of parent he would have been if he had kids, but ultimately goes to a bar, a sign that his problems were not solved through self-realization. Even though he sees a girl he recognizes from school, he doesn’t go talk to her and instead goes back outside; his choice to live or die not revealed (“The Note”).
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Singer, songwriter, and musician Logan Piercey releases his debut album in January, 2012. A raw reflection into the 16 year old artist's life––the ups and downs, the pain and the beauty––DOUBT has been called poignant, and at times haunting.

January 2011 –– "Pray" was accepted into the library of Song & Film where top industry Music Supervisors go to find hot new music for TV shows on many networks like the CW, MTV, Lifetime and for Feature Films.
December 2010 –– "Olive" finished in 27th place in the public voting of the Converse "Get out of the Garage" competition. With more than 4,000 song submissions, placing in the top 100 feels good! Thank you to all who voted!